Visure: Requirements Management

Astrée: Static Analysis

Stack Analyzer: Stack size estimation

AbsInt -- WCET estimation

Multi: Embedded development environment

Integrity: Real Time Operating System

CodeSonar - Vulnerability Analysis

CodeSentry - Vulnerability Analysis
DO-178C & DO-254 Cert Training

CENELEC Certification Training

ISO 26262 Certification Training

Requirements Enginnering Training

Model-Based System Engineering Training

SonarQube Training

Python for testers

HDL Verification for Safety Critical

Training Courses
Software Development Tools

Training courses conducted by the best international Subject Matter Experts, with experience in projects developed all around the world.
Requirements Management:

    •  Integrated Risk Assessment (FMEA)
    •  Import / Export-> Doors, Word, Excel, ...
    •  Traceability
    •  Test Management & Defect Management
IDE and RTOS for embedded software:

    •  C/C++ and Ada cross-compilers
    •  Multi-Core debugger  (step forward / step backward)
    •  HW debugging probes

Static Analysis for source/binary code:


Stack & WCET Analysis
Safety Standards
Software Development
Online Course:
Avionics DO-178C, DO-254, ARP 4754A
14-17 November, 2022
Onsite in Madrid
Septiembre 26-28, 2022
Onsite Course:
Avionics DO-178C, DO-254, ARP 4754A
Next Training Courses

Static Analysis of source and binary code:


    •  Vulnerability detection

    •  Static Application Security Testing (SACT)

    •  Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

    •  0-day & N-day vulnerability detection

    •  Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)


Some of our customers ...

Certification Support Services

Templates of Plans, Standards and checklists
Gap Analysis Service for aerospace and ISO 26262 standards
Mentoring and Assessment Services
Elaboration of Plans, Standards and Checklists
Certification deliverables Review
Non-Conformance Resolution
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Software & Hardware Development Tools
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Static Analysis of source and binary code
Embedded development environments and RTOS
Application Lifecycle Management  
DO 178/254
Training & Certification Services
SoCs & FPGAs Desgin and Validation
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Gap Analysis

ARP 4754A / ED-79A Templates

DO-178C / ED-12C Templates

DO-254 / ED-80 Templates

DO-278A / ED-109A Templates

DO-178C Certification Services

ISO-26262 Certification Services

SoCs & FPGAs Design and Verification
Software Vulnerability
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